Song Min answered arrogantly。

“What does he lie to me?Go find him to settle accounts,I didn’t lie!Really。”
Shen Ruoxi reluctantly said,It’s okay to massage Song Min or rub her feet,But if you do this to pay off Qin Liang’s debt,Then she’s not happy。
“That means let Qin Liang massage my feet?sure?”
Song Min started to provoke。
“I didn’t say that!”
Shen Ruoxi immediately denied Song Min’s statement,Fast,Didn’t even hesitate for half a second!
Song Min,Murong Shan and Chen Hao both laughed immediately!
“What are you laughing laughing!Bad guys!”
Shen Ruoxi became angry and angered,She didn’t want to think:She dug this pit for herself,The three of them didn’t say anything,She is ashamed to say that the three of them are bad guys。
“Tut tut!Why are we bad guys again?We didn’t even say anything, okay!This girl,And brought such a false accusation!No one else。”
Murong Shan smiled and refuted Shen Ruoxi。
Then she didn’t wait for Shen Ruoxi to reply,She lost her mind,Was overwhelmed by a large clump of weeds,So the answer became an exclamation!Murong Shan, Chen Hao and Song Min hurriedly went to pull Shen Ruoxi together,Finally, by the way, the two little sisters from the Shen family who followed were upset together……
The team instantly became a mess。