Just fighting here while,Shen Xuan is slightly shrugging。

“very good,But from now on,In fact, you,Nothing I imagined。”
“Give me a lesson of them,Then others,follow me。”
Shen Xuan said,With the warriors of the War Temple,I have went upstairs。
at this time,Board of Directors in Qiu Wind Building。
Wang Zhaoyang sits here,He looks very urgent。
Wang Zhaoyang’s side,Others think so too.。
After all, what is the situation downstairs?,In fact, their hearts,More more clear。
so now,In the end, we should start to solve this matter from what.。
Light is this,How to see,How to make people feel。
Now these things,In fact, it is very uncommon。
As for Wang Zhaoyang?,It is worthy of watching。
The more these,In fact, in Wang Zhaoyang http://www.szxxymotor.cn looks,I don’t think it is,What effect does it affect?。
“In fact, now,These things,It is not something wrong with it.。”
“But for me,In fact, there is still a small gap。”
When Wang Zhaoyang said,Others have seen Wang Zhaoyang.。
In fact, they don’t know,Why is Wang Zhaoyang saying this?。
At this http://www.805man.cn moment,Wang Zhaoyang saw the eyes of the people,If you don’t forget to explain?。
“Before,The president of the dominance has promised us.。”
“As long as we want to control these,Then,The president of the domain will give us 40% of shares.!”
“By the time,Everyone everyone is the boss.!”
When Wang Zhaoyang’s words finished,It is even more excited to surround those people.。
After all, this,How to see,How to make people feel,Such a thing,In fact, it is not simple.。
So here,In fact, these people are deep,It is more clear.。
“What to say,Then it’s good.。”
“makes sense,So let’s everyone,Anything I am worried?”
“In fact, careful thinking,Still how much you can find the existence of problems。”
With these people,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
obviously,What should this be started from?。
http://www.senanplastic.cn In fact, in Wang Zhaoyang looks,There is nothing else at all things.。