“A bit。”

“In fact, there is nothing.。”
Liuhe Mountain Patient Interpretation,“At the beginning, although I was the deputy door of the Guardian Alliance.,It is also the shadow of Junlun.。
I will replace him to do some people who have some people.……Know why he is so urgent to kill me?,Because I know many of his secrets。”
Summer is silent。
“I thought you were a smart person.。”
Liuhe Mountain at this moment looks full of gas fields,If it looks from the side,Simply an exact same。
He looks straight to the summer,“I just said with you last night.,Today, you will kill me all people.,Is http://www.theq-hotel.cn it too much to put my Liuhe Mountain in the eye?。”
Summer,Follow the double eye shot,“Qinghai Monitoring my friend,Sure enough is your person!”
Toned,His body suddenly starts a murderous,“What happened today……”“also me。”
Liuhe Mountain is very calmly recognized,“This is a warning,I want to tell you is,Even if you don’t monitor your friends,I also have countless ways to catch your weaknesses.,Let you succumb。”
He refers to the mixed-blood youth standing on the side.,“He is a hand of me in harmony abroad.,Will a little mental control,And people like him,I still have a lot,Summer,Don’t provoke my bottom line,Don’t think I can’t take you.,I said,To achieve the purpose,I can use any means.。”
“you wanna die!”
Summer cold drink,Shaping,In the eyes are unlimited killing。
“presumptuous!Dare to shoot,I don’t have http://www.taoforest.cn to spare!”
Mixed blood youth,Red hand and empty boxing。
Summer anger,A punch to the other party。
The hurricane violent is like a tornado,Shui slut,It seems that the air is explosing the air.。
Mixed blood youth face change,No time to avoid flash,Row the right palm hard。
A sound。
Fist with palms,Bones,I actually make a metal-like 铿铿。
But the body shape of the mixed-born young people will not be reversed.,There is a change between the look.。
Summer is like lightning generally followed,Fist,It’s time to make a hand knife.,Another blowing,Leave a turbulence in the air。
Along with a crisp,Mixed blood youth’s wrist twisted,Retrogly,The arrogance of the face has disappeared,Converting is endless anger。
“I want you to die!”
He yelled like a cheetah.,The fierce http://www.jlzhjbj.cn glamorous flame is generally burning。
Rush,His double-eyed dead locks in summer,Among the eyes of the eyes。
Lightning is like a moving wave at the same time。
Summer son,Directly disappeared the dishes。
Psychiatry,Even very rare in the West。
After all, spiritual,For East and West Masters,It is a more mysterious existence。
Especially in battle,Strike,Have the opportunity to defeat。
Just like Xianti,It is fully able to fight,Can even win the battle。
The same is true for mixed blood youth,Want to raise summer。
Just he didn’t expect,Play spirit,Summer is his ancestor!Now!Just in the summer shocked spiritual moment,Mixed blood youth face,Horn angle overflows a soft blood,Instant altered。
And the summer hand knife draws a stunning trajectory,Under the high speed of the airflow,The air sounded in the air。