“Hello everyone,I’m Ava, the narrator。”

“WSTGOnline Grand Prix as the highest hall of non-professional shooting games,Gathered the passerby king players from all servers of the Glory Gun Project around the world,Some of them are well-known platform anchors,Some are extremely talented thoroughbred dark horses,Compete in the arena,It can be said to be very interesting!”
“Single lose in this gameBO1Competition system,One game,Never procrastinate,Every minute is exciting!”
“correct,Will Ava,After three days of competition,Is there any player that makes you pay special attention?”
“Of course there is!There are many star players in this competition,But the most dazzling one should be Xu Tian from Firebirds,before6Full gameMVP,Kills、Average kills per http://www.xuenlp.cn game、The output efficiency is currently ranked first in the player list,Is the final of this Grand PrixMVPCompetitor。”
“Not bad,Xu Tian,gameID:BOF.XTian,Year only16Year old genius,It is said to have the competitive experience of shooting team players before,Not only handsome,The game is also good,Just mention his name,I can almost hear the screams of a group of beautiful girls。”
“I believe everyone can’t wait,Let me introduce the two sides of the finals——FirebirdsVSGhost Team!The two teams have not played against each other in the previous group stage and knockout stage.,From data analysis,The Firebirds have an absolute advantage,Especially the team’s survival rate is far ahead,It can be seen that the Firebirds are more integrated,Team members are more cooperative!”
“Of course,The ghost team can reach the finals and they are by no means underdogs……and many more,Their battlefield kills actually belong to all participants32The lowest of the team,Really a peace-loving team!”
“Somebody may want to ask,How did the ghost team advance to the finals??This is due to the success rate of their tactical execution,They are not a team that is facing hard with others,The variability of tactical instructions is their key to victory,in other words,Don’t play games with your hands,And they rely on the brain!”
“Severn,As an experienced commentator,Which team has the better chance of winning this game against both teams??Dare to predict?”
“As an online game,In fact, the audience sitting in front of the live broadcast have already voted on the prediction of the match result,Compared to the audience’s predictions,I’m relatively conservative,I think if the Ghosts can come up with some new secret weapons to fight the hard-powered Firebirds,The result can reach eighty-two open。although,The Firebirds have a bigger win,But the audience is definitely looking forward to the two teams doing their best,Bring a wonderful game for everyone!”
“Man of few words,The countdown to the game has started,Let’s enter today’s game。”
“Audience http://www.beatscn.cn friend,We saw that the game map randomly went to Frost Peak Farm,As one of the few snow maps,The game mechanism of this picture will be around the signal station,The victory conditions are:The attacker successfully destroyed the signal station or the defender insisted that the guard exceeded15minute,In addition,If one party wipes out all the other team members, it wins directly!”
“simply put,Is one party attacking the signal station,The other party needs to ensure the safety of the signal station。The Red Firebirds are the attacker in this game,The blue ghost team is the defender。”
“Just got news from the organizer,In addition to the generous bonus, the champion of this game,Players in the team will also be qualified for trial training through the Glory Gun professional arena!Let us cheer for both players,Together http://www.hns2.cn to welcome the birth of the new king!!!”
“Xu Tian, come on!Xu Tian, come on!”