One of the feelings of Zhuangzi Health Master


One of the feelings of “Zhuangzi Health Master”

“Healthy Master”: Passing through the vernacular 路 Baotou Pi children’s life is limited, but knowledge is unlimited.

To pursue unlimited knowledge with limited life, it is bound to be insane, so since it is still pursuing knowledge, it is really dangerous!

I did what the world called the good deeds, but did not go to the reputation of greed, did the evil things that the world called, but did not face the humiliation of punishment.

Obey the natural Zhongzheng Road and use it as a common law to adapt to things. From this, you can protect yourself, you can protect your nature, and you can enjoy your days without leaving your parents worried.

Kenting solves the cow.

(Slightly) Gong Wenxuan saw the right division of the university and was shocked and said: “Who is this?

How is there only one foot?

Is there only one foot born, or is it artificially losing one foot?

“The right teacher said: “The days are not artificial.

God is born, I have such a shape, so that I have only one foot, the appearance of the person is completely given by God.

So knowing is born, not artificial.

The pheasant on the swamp side took ten steps to get a bite of food, and took a hundred steps to get a sip of water, but it would not pray for it in the cage.

Although living in a cage, you don’t have to work hard to find food, but even if it is very strong, it is very unpleasant.

The old man died, and his friend Qin lost his mourning and left with a few cryes.

The old disciple asked: “Are you not a friend of our teacher?

“Qin lost: “Yes.

The disciples asked again: “So, hang your friends like this, OK?”

“Qin lost: ” OK.

It turns out that I think that you have been following the teacher for many years, and it seems that this is not the case.

I just entered the spiritual house to hang, there are old people crying him, like a parent crying their own children; there are young people crying him, like a child crying their parents.

The reason why they gathered here, someone must not want to say anything but can not help but tell what, I do not want to cry but can not help but cry.

It is a violation of common sense and abandonment of the true feelings. They have forgotten that people are inherited from nature and are ordered by the heavens. In ancient times, it was said that this practice was called negligence from nature.

Occasionally came to the world, your teacher was born in time; by chance, he died, your teacher died.

Being in heaven and standing, obeying nature and change, sorrow and joy can not enter the mind. In ancient times, some people called this liberation of nature, as if to relieve the pain of overhanging.

The candlestick for the light will eventually burn out, but the fire will continue to pass and will never go out.

The above is a popular vernacular translation, and I randomly searched for an article on the Internet.

Zhuangzi’s article, not only Zhuangzi, each one is like a baggage, or a raft, and the words, words, sentences, and festivals that make up each piece are like a needle-and-line embroidered view on the sable skin.A chiseled pattern; strange imagination, beautiful words, sharp words, numerous stories, wonderful and fascinating.

However, the bag is not the end, the raft is not all, the beautiful pattern, the colorful colors, just to attract your eye, the purpose is to let you unpack the bag, open the raft, where it is the baby, is the original.
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