Have a happy parent-child time with your baby

Have a happy parent-child time with your baby

Oral: Mother Guoguo baby: 22 months Main activities: go to the community for a walk, read a book because the work is busy, my baby and I are more concentrated after dinner time.

I usually take him for a walk in the community or have a meal with relatives and friends.

When he gets home, he will read the little books he likes and teach him to recognize things.

Children of this age always pay special attention to new things, and their ability to accept is particularly fast.

Guiding him to learn while playing with his baby is good for his growth.

  Editor’s comment: It is not advisable to do another exercise just after eating, and the digestion of the stomach is not good. You can do some slow-paced activities with the baby, go for a walk with the baby, or take a look with the baby to see what he likesand many more.

  Oral communication before bedtime: Baby Wenwen, mother: 27 months Main activities: Listen to baby singing, recite Tang poems, tell stories 18 months ago, mother has put Wenwen in the early education garden, so that she can have more contact with children, And she is really very good. Since the first day, she has never cried.

Mom is usually at work, so she only plays with Wenwen at night and on weekends.

Wenwen likes singing very much, and her mother will patiently be her listener. Occasionally, she will teach Wenwen to recite Tang poems. “Ying Ge” and “Jing Ye Si” are all good things for babies.

More often, my mother will watch “Teletubbies” and “Cute Tiger Island” with Wenwen.

Every day before going to bed is also a good time for mothers and babies to share the fairy tale world.

  Oral: Baby Zhou Zhou Mother: 29 months Main activities: singing, memorizing poems, telling stories I always think that the more parent-child time should be, the better, which will help the baby’s growth.

Every day before bedtime is a good time for parent-child.

  The baby’s sense of rhythm is developing well now, so I will sing a soothing song to him every day before going to sleep, and he will read Tang poems. The baby’s imitation is very strong, and he will also follow me.

I don’t require my baby to remember, as long as he is interested in this rhythmic language, it is my biggest purpose.

Of course, stories are also baby favorites.

What he likes most is Teletubbies. Every night, we have to talk for a while.

Now he is obsessed with picture book stories, no, his little bedside has piled up a bedtime story.

  Editor’s comment: Sleep is very important to your baby’s health. You can’t sacrifice your baby’s sleep time because you have to get along with your baby.

The above two mothers did a good job. They chose some quiet activities, such as singing and storytelling, which can both relieve the baby’s over-excited nerves and improve the baby’s intelligence.

  Children grow up day by day, and there are more and more requests like this.

Playing is a child’s nature. Even babies who are still in bed have a desire to play with others.

As a parent, how much of your time schedule is reserved for your child?

How long is your parent-child time?

At what time of day?

Is it fixed?

What do you do with your baby during parent-child time?

Let’s make a big inventory of this moment of showing affection.

  ”Mom, mom, tell me a story.

“” Dad, dad, we play airplanes.

“. Warm up before meals Oral: Baby Sun Guiyong: 17 months Main activities: Watch cartoons, play games, communicate with children, and train their reaction skills.

  Every day after work, Yao Yaohao Hao rushed to the door.

Regardless of whether it is mom or dad, I opened up: “Mom!

“When I saw it, I changed my name to Dad.

Two little guys, thinking about my mother all day, it’s jealous of me, hehe.

However, the two little guys made a sweet “daddy” exit, and all the work troubles and unsatisfactory things flew out of the clouds.

  This month age is very important for the development of children’s temperament, so according to the teaching mode of the nursery, I play rhythmic games with the children every day.

For example, in conjunction with children’s songs: “Little mouse, go up to the lampstand, steal oil, don’t come down, call mom, mom doesn’t come, mumble and roll down.”These small games are slow and fast, and they are eloquent when they are read, virtually enhancing their sense of music.

  Oral: Mommy Baby: 15 months Main activities: Storytelling, playing games I am a working mom.

There is almost 3 hours of parent-child time every day.

Because the baby is young, many times I will make some simple stories based on the pictures and tell them to the children. I will learn the sounds of animals vividly, and even give her a horse ride to make her feel for herself.

Whenever possible, take her to see the real thing and let her use the senses to touch the world!

  Editor’s comment: This kind of work makes many parents do not have time to take care of getting along with the baby, so this time after work is not only a relaxing day to work hard, but also a good opportunity to play with the baby.

During this time, you can do some intensity walking exercises with your baby. Some planes, kicks, and racquets, etc., also cause the baby to consume a certain amount of physical strength and have an appetite.

  A short break after meals: Zifeng mother and baby: 3 years old Main activities: word card games, storytelling Every day after dinner is a happy time for our family.

When the weather is good, our family went out for a walk and looked at the colorful neon lights. The baby bounced in front and asked me what it was from time to time.

what is that?

How interesting!

This not only exercises the baby’s body, but also increases the baby’s knowledge.

  We also play the game of winning word cards. I hold the word card in my hand. As long as the baby corrects the words on the card, he can win a watch. This game makes the baby very fulfilled.

Then there is storytelling.

I will tell him first, and my baby will tell me later. We enjoy the closest parent-child relationship between these beautiful stories.

  Weekend travel dictation: Baby Lele mother: 3 years old Main activities: play games and travel Due to the nature of work, I only have the whole time to accompany my children on weekends.

When the weather is normal, I will take my baby out to play.

The baby likes nature very much, and when she is outside, she becomes especially cheerful.

  In addition, I can always arrange my work reasonably and take a few days to take my baby for a short trip.

The experience of travel has greatly broadened the child’s horizons and allowed her to gain a lot of insight.

And I can spend the whole day with my baby, such happiness is self-evident.

  Oral: Baby Zhu Min: 25 months Main activities: building blocks, singing children’s songs, traveling on the weekends because of work, so I ca n’t accompany my children during the day, but I have always been close to my parents, and I spend a few hours a day playing with my daughter.
Usually, when she comes back from work, she will build blocks with her, tell stories and read nursery rhymes.

There are more activities on weekends. If the weather is good, she will take her out to play, and go out with other friends every month.

I think such group activities are very important for the growth of children.

As long as we have time, we will participate in the children’s games.

I hope to enter the child’s inner world through this form.

  Editor’s comment: The weekend is a complete parent-child time for a particular family of three, and it is also the most concentrated parent-child time of the week.

If weather conditions permit, you can take your baby out to play and get in touch with nature.

This natural big classroom can teach your baby a lot of knowledge, which is not only relaxing, but also parent-child, killing two birds with one stone.

  Free communication dictation: Phoebe’s mother and baby: 7 months Main activities: The brain of a game baby has unlimited plasticity. The most important nutrient of the brain is the daily “happy game”.

I have been playing games with Phoebe for more than 7 months every day at irregular times.

I have designed many games for Phoebe that are suitable for her age, such as: “Climb and Climb”, “Plane Fly High”, “Where is Mom”, “Little Bug”, “Jump Hop” and so on.

These games are simple and capture the physical characteristics of babies under 1 year old.

For example, while playing the game “Where is Mom”, I covered my face and asked, “Where is Mom?”

“Open your hand again, and show an exaggerated smile to Phoebe:” Mom is here! ”

“You’ll notice that Phoebe’s expression changes, from curiously widening her eyes to smiling when she sees you.


Fun like this abounds in our lives.

  Oral: Yuexin’s main activities: singing, dancing, telling stories about parent-child time, I feel very ashamed, because I have to go to work usually, so I do n’t spend much time with my children, and often go to work from Monday to Friday morning.Not in sleep, the child has finished eating after going home from work, so there is really little time to be together in a day, but as long as I have time I will try to be with the child, play with her, tell her stories, andShe dances.Sing together and occasionally take her to the supermarket.

Although she is more attached to her grandmother at night, if she can stay with me, I will try to accompany her to make up for my daytime vacancies.

If I have time on Saturdays, I will stay with her all day.

My lovely daughter brought me too much laughter, even if I was tired all day, as long as I saw my daughter, any worries disappeared.

  Editor’s comment: Due to the nature of work, parents’ rest time cannot be fixed, let alone a fixed parent-child time, but these parents are still very aware of the communication with their children and arrange their schedules reasonably. They can always extend the time like a sponge.With the child.

Parent-child time doesn’t matter much, it just concentrates the love between them.

  Concluding remarks: After surveys in various forms such as internet, telephone, email, etc., we found that most families have a fixed time with their babies and their children, and many of them are arranged at night and on weekends, because there is no work to doStumbling.

Have fun playing with your baby.

There are also some parents who have ample time or time constraints, so their parent-child time lasts all day, or they see stitches.

And there is almost no time to be happy with the children.

This is also gratifying.

  But here, our editor still wants to give you a warm suggestion: parent-child time is very important for the growth of your baby, that is a good opportunity for you to communicate with your child.

Through games, stories and other forms, you can walk into your baby’s inner world.

Babies can also get to know your love more truly during this time.

So no matter how busy you are.

Try to make time for your child every day.