[Do you have black spots on the baby dishes?]_Do you eat them? Why

[Do you have black spots on the baby dishes?]_Do you eat them? Why

Baby food is the cabbage we are familiar with in life. There are many ways to make baby food. Commonly used are pickled cabbage, vinegar cabbage, and cabbage vermicelli soup.

However, if the baby vegetables are not stored properly, many black spots will grow; or if the baby vegetables are eaten by insects during the growth process, many black spots will also grow.

Baby vegetables are high in vitamins, but can you continue to eat them if black spots appear on them?

1. If there are not many black spots on the cabbage, it may be a physiological disease caused by using too much nitrogen fertilizer in the cultivation process.

There is no report on the discomfort or injury caused by eating black cabbage.

In addition, if the cabbage is attacked by gonorrhea, it may leave a black powdery substance on the cabbage leaves, which is the secretion of aphids. Washing it off with water before eating will not cause adverse effects on the human body.

2. However, if large black spots or rots appear on the cabbage, it may be because the cabbage has “black spot” or “soft rot” in storage, so it is not suitable to eat.

3. Vegetable fiber such as cabbage tends to be insoluble fiber, which can increase the volume of food residues and stimulate vibration and peristalsis.

Chopped cabbage tends to have nothing to do with its health effects.

Vitamin C in cabbage is relatively easy to lose. Experts point out that in order to further protect the vitamin C in cabbage, eat fresh cabbage as much as possible, wash it before cutting, and try to tear it by hand to reduce contact with the air.section.

When cooking, you should stir fry quickly and the temperature quickly exceeds 60 ℃.
At 90 ° C, the most easily destroyed range of vitamin C, you can also add vinegar protection when cooking.

4, when shopping for food, choose a tight package and no black spots on the leaves.

Focus on the roots of the vegetables. If they are soft and rotten, it means that they have been stored for too long. Do not buy them.

After buying home, it should be stored in a ventilated place at -1 ℃ -2 ℃. It is recommended to buy and eat immediately.

5, but the market does not necessarily contain formaldehyde, in order to avoid buying formaldehyde baby vegetables, you must first smell, if you feel a strange smell, you must not buy, in addition, even some vegetables do not smell, you may get a small amount of formaldehyde residueHowever, since formaldehyde is easy to volatilize, it is best to remove the outer layers of cabbage. In addition, it must be carefully washed to prevent formaldehyde residue.