She buried her head in Shen Huan’s arms,Just don’t lift up。

Shen Huan also understood her meaning。
This beauty.A woman is not a strong-minded person,During this time, I have encountered so many sorrows and joys.,The mind must have been greatly fluctuated。
Yang Shu said before,Something is wrong with her。
If it wasn’t for Yang Shu to stand up,,In addition, Shen Huan solved the Yang family’s problem in time,It’s possible for this beautiful woman to collapse directly。
Can be like now,Already pretty good。
Thought of here,Shen Huan hugged her,A little harder,“Sister Gu,The suffering will pass……Xiaoshu will always be with you!”
“How about you?”Gu Shuiyao asked。
“Of course I want to be with you too。”Shen Huan smiled。
Nothing else,Just say that he likes Yang Shu very much,Like I like my daughter,Will take good care of them。
Heard this,Gu Shuiyao raised Fenzhen,With teardrops on Qiao’s face:“Really?”
“It’s true!”
Shen Huan’s solemn way。