Zhou Wei lightly,Temperament transformation,Say,“I am with my master to buy something.,He likes to collect some anecdotes related jade simple,In addition, some of the three products are also acquired.。”
Woman is slightly smoldering,Quickly tasting summer,Curve no trace。
She laughed,“If the words of the anecdote,It is a jade simple to sell this aspect.,Miss,This brother,please follow me。”
“Thank you。”
Summer boxing smile。
Women also report to a good smile,Immediately received two people to the third floor hall,Rear shuttle。
Finally, I came to a corner of the north side area.。
There is an unclear counter booth in this corner.,Standing behind the stall with a figure,But the skin is extremely rough。
“Liu Wu,You are lucky today.,Business。”
The woman has not walked until the recent。
Strong people heard,Eyes are not bright,Hurried out from the counter,Ambitious。
Go to the past,Women’s special introduction,“Liu Wu is to monopoly such,Don’t see that he is not high.,But he almost all over all the islands of the endless blood.,Those islands have not weighed,Can also have a practitioner。”
Toned,She said very directly,“He exchanges some small gates on the islands at low prices.,And some anecdotes,Then come back to sell,In fact, these things are not worth money。”
This sentence,The Han face named Liu Wu is slightly changed.。
Not angry。
But he knows,Three layers of martial arts,And there are shopping guides to accompany,Only two kinds of people。
For this kind of person,Firm will usually sell a good。
“Two guests,These jade simbs are indeed http://www.topvogue.cn worthless。”
Liu Wuli is trying to work with a thick look.,Laugh,“I am just making a hard money.……And very dangerous……”
Summer did not speak,But check the booth on the counter,All of the above is all crystal clear jade。
More than thousands。
Summer is free to pick up a jade,Amens。
《Very special road road,Xuan Olympics》
Summer stunned。
See him,Liu Wu rushed and said with a smile.,“This jade is from a island called a sacrament.,The warrior in that island,Usually cultivation,This is a small manner,Just like before touching the power,With a transfer station……”
Summer is silent。
A complicated complex in the heart。
Sacraid continent……I don’t know that I have left for half a year.。
From a certain extent,The other party is the fact。
Perhaps in their eyes,Xuanao is just a small http://www.dlhaolinju.cn manner。