“Waiter!Come on!”Chen Jianping stood in front of the tanker and yelled loudly,But no one came out。

Xia Jian suddenly felt a little strange,Shouldn’t!A gas station has at least two or three service personnel.,Why did you shout http://www.putao365.cn for so long,No one came out?
“I stop shouting,I’ll go in and have a look”Xia Jian finished talking to Chen Jianping,Then let go and walked towards the service hall of the gas station。Lights are on in the service hall,But there is no one。
Xia Jian walked inside,Shouted:“Hey!Waiter,We need to http://www.wet88.cn add some oil”Xia Jian said and walked straight in,He thought it was time,The waiter may be hiding in there and sleeping lazily。
His voice just fell,Suddenly he felt a cold waist,Where is the pointy thing on top。Then there was a sound:“Don’t move if you don’t want to die”With this person’s voice,Suddenly three masked men flashed out from behind the shelf,They all have knives in their hands。
Xia Jian saw it clearly,The three waiters have been tied up,Lying in the corner behind the shelves。Xia Jian was nervous at first,And relax,Rob??It’s a big deal to take away all the money。
“Fuck your uncle,You can’t be late,Come here when we are gone?Since you don’t go on Yangguan Avenue,I want to drive away this single-plank bridge,We have no way。Tied up!”Who shouted loudly with the big bag in his hand,This person should be a head。
“Big brother!There http://www.yqytly.cn is one outside,Why forgot him“Another anxiously shouted。
“Hahahaha!You fart,Isn’t he in our hands?He dared to do anything wrong, so I killed him。Hurry up and ask you to come in together,Best to be honest,Otherwise it will end badly“Who said with a big smile,There is no tension at all。
Xia Jian at this time,I don’t know how many times I scolded and fucked,How could his luck be so bad,Anything bad can make him run into。
First1469chapter Catch the robbers bravely
“Brothers!You don’t hurt me,I told him to come in“Xia Jian’s inspiration,Pretending to be scared,His voice became trembling。