For example, Dongjin Xiaowu Emperor,Actually being killed!Give him“Filial piety”Nickname,It’s just a laughter.,No wonder people from the later generations can not look down on the era of two Jin Jin,What is this color?。

“Emperor let the previous Queen’s 氏,How can I be called filial piety??This number is particularly unpleasant.。”
Gao Baoyi Ma Song Song Dao immediately stood up,Do not pay close attention!
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NS908chapter Carrying forward is the best memorial(3)
The ministers are secretly ignited in their hearts.,I can’t help but admire Gao Baoyi.。
This number can be said to be just right.,I have never seen it before.,Have basically no“Crash”Maybe。At the same time, I also take care of the emotions of these high-rise royal people who are now outdated.。
And since it will not crash,Then there will be no contrast,There will be no similarity“Filial piety”Such a name is unreliable.。
“Too,Minishen feels that Chu Wang’s suggestion,Very well。Emperor,It can be said that it is just right。”
Yang Wei stands up in the first suggestion that supports Gao Baoyi。
He originally thought that the other party would give an evil,For example, it is similar to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.“Lingdi”This kind of。To know,“spirit”But not a good number?,That is the future, there is no way,I was filled with this hard student.,Pinched with nose。
“spirit”What do you mean to express??To put it bluntly“Neuropathy that is not worried”,If Gao Bo is used in this ocean,Looks like it also。
“Morning family also felt that this is suitable for the emperor,That’s it.。”
Li Zuyu said softly。
I thought it was a long time.,I didn’t expect Gao Baoyi hammer sound,Actually no one stands out,It is also a little unexpected.。
However, maybe everyone is paying attention to another big event.。
“Too,Nanyang alone is really attributed,We should show the attitude of receiving。Otherwise he turns into the Gomegantian,Threats to the south of Henan Yellow River and two Huai。This soldier horse once out of Ye County,We have to spend a lot of strength to calm。”
Gao Biyi stood up and said。
This matter is what he is mentioned before giving a suggestion.,Already fermented in Yucheng,The northern Han people who are ready to move are not awkward.,Maybe what is prior,Maybe it is really compromise。
Anyway, Gao Biyi this hand slap,Playing them dizzy,That’s absolutely true。For a time, I have some chartess.,It seems like a headless flies,I don’t know what to do.。
Gao Boyi can stand in the championship,Because he masters the gods,Indirect control all the soldiers in Yucheng!now,After the solitude of the city,Will only strengthen his advantage。
Means of,Power balance will completely break,Since it is a chaos,Then don’t look at the components of force。The city is now standing now.,Not being occupied by Jinyang,Still not because there is a goddess?!
“Too,Houview of Liang Guo,Yin Jian is not far away。Who dares to say that solve solvent is not the second Hou Jing??Risk is too big,Minachen thinks that this matter should be discounted。”
This time I arrived again.,He seems to be used by the Han people“Discard”Throw out,To squeeze all the surplus value,So only one of him jumped out at this time.,Other big 佬,Yang Wei,Cui Jishu,All in“Holding coin”。
Gao Baoyi heard this,Sigh,Pull out from arms“Gyeonggong”Token,Go to Feng Ziyi,Grabbing one hand,Put the token in his hand。
“Too,Feng Zizhen said from a long report,But in case alone, I am angry.http://www.gofanb.cn,Attack Qi State,I am not very good for a time.。How about this,Since the idea is what he comes out,Let him organize a group of people to go to the two Huai defense solo letter.,Minacheng also prevents Jinyang’s rebellion to attack Yucheng,It’s really not to open it.。”
Gao Baoyi laughing meat does not laugh,Viser Feng Ziji,Also let the minister alert!It’s hard to find out what is going on in the end.!
Solitary signal this card,If you are used well,That for the military strength of Yucheng,that is11ap;gt;2Relationship,Because solvent is long in the border,Many years,Frequently familiar with Xiangyang Six Town。
If you have a solitude letter that you want to come,Then the consequences will be extremely serious。
This means that the city needs to divide a special soldier in the south,Then the defenders along the same,Bighter http://www.yxage.cn horse against solvent!Two Huaiyi,The trade route with Yangzhou-centered trade will be greatly affected.。
It’s not only the evening of the evening.,Those who earn a lot of money,Don’t think about it.!
It can be said that Gao Bo Yi played this card at this time.,Since fundamentally pinch the northern Han people“Seven inch”,At least before these two new layouts are not completed,Those people are afraid to move。
Feng Ziyu,Pierred,Leading the elite army,Already quite tasty。What’s more, you have to organize a“New army”,Talking to him is tantamous。
This needs all aspects of coordination,Is it a small role to do this??
You can you up,Less less,Gao Biyi put Feng Zi’s face repeatedly rubbed in the mud pit,I have seen the temple in the hall.!
Gao Bo Yi is getting younger,Obviously,The tender man is Feng Ziyu!There http://www.njllm.cn is no chapter of the chapter.,At this time, stand out against the solitary message,People come with the army.,Do you use your mouth to persuade??
“Dare to ask Chu Wang,What is the attitude about this??”
Seeing Feng Ziyu was unobstructed by Gao Bao.,Yang Yu is really can’t see,I asked a word。
“Solitary, naturally, is true,He has sent people to our government, talking about the organization.,Two-day meeting,I will tell you the results of the discussion.。