As he experienced。

Old people can only see his http://www.tiansilang.cn scenery,See his dominant identity and status。
But he can live today,It’s really not easy.。
Every time,It is a choice between life and death.。
He is not afraid of death,Not careless to care about your life。
Sometimes,Be invited。
Can’t get shrink。
You can’t leave your way yourself.。
Can only have an endless!Nothing is killing and being killed。
The spirit has been taken off,Many injury occurred in the clothes,Also infiltrated with bright blood。
But the summer seems to feel pain.。
Slow and powerful。
Snake knife has no knife,But the cold blade flashes cold light,More than adding endless killing。
Just like the sword,Summer, dark scorpion is full of firm,Ice is cold。
Step by step to the other side Yan Feihong。
Yan Feihong is also not good。
Not exaggerated,At this time, his situation http://www.mideajfl.cn is better than the summer.。
He feels his internal organs,Already broken,I can’t afford to ventilate。
Just now,If he has a variety of war life,I am afraid that it will be calmed on the spot.。
Once,He always thinks herself is the first expert in the saints.。
Even if you are on the true toast,Be in vain,Also confident。
But now,He was defeated by a young man.。
It is very thoroughly。
Especially the scene just now,What is the trick??
Or say,What is the ability?
I feel that it is the feeling of him.,Just as if you are, the antity is facing the sky, it is generally small.。
Summer watching,His eyes are deep,Finally flashing。
Although you are young, you will not be afraid of life and death.,But so many years,He has already enjoyed a high high。
Especially with the increase of age,I am afraid http://www.xuenlp.cn that the thoughts of death are getting more。
He can feel,Summer is also a strong angry。
But he didn’t confident and kill each other.。
The gap between the two mentality。
Think here,Now drink,“Ancient morning,What is it?,Give me a kill him!”
Talk while talking,Go back。
However——Look down,Yan Feihong suddenly widened,A shackle,Some fell on the ground。
Ancient morning……Gone。