4 principles for choosing diapers for your baby

4 principles for choosing diapers for your baby

Diapers are baby’s personal products. For mothers who love babies, they must want to choose the best diapers.

There are many brands of diapers on the market, how do you choose?

  In fact, as long as you follow the following principles when choosing a diaper, you can choose a diaper that is most suitable for your child.


Trial diapers: Before trying to determine the right diaper for your baby, it is best to choose a small package and try it out from the aspects of comfort, breathability, water absorption, side leakage, and size.


It is also economical to use diapers: although it would be better to be more expensive, it is not necessary to completely use the price as the standard.

In fact, diapers are also good. Once you take care of them properly, it will cost you a lot of snacks, and there will be no diaper rash.


Timeliness of diapers: First, choose the size according to your baby’s growth and tighten the appropriate diapers. Do not store too much of the same model.

The second is to make appropriate adjustments according to different seasons. In some summers, you should choose soft, thin, and breathable. You can use pull-out pants when going out.


Individualized diapers: Each baby’s physical development is different, and the mother should adjust it in due time according to the specific situation of her child.

Those who have thick thighs, it is best to choose a diaper with a size larger; lively, you should choose a raised waist, elastic waist and diapers with side edges, especially pay attention to the crotch can not be too wide;For babies, you can choose a diaper with a gap in the navel or a hole in the navel.